Besides being unappealing in appearance, the majority of these lunch bags are not well designed coming in awkward sizes with space limitations and generally lacking versatility.

Juliette Darras has come up with the perfect lunch bag solution.

Finally - A Stylish, More Functional Lunch Bag

The Juliette Darras Insulated Lunch Bag is a superior alternative to the boring, gaudy and one-dimensional lunch bags that are currently on the market.

Our bags have been designed to present a sophisticated style for the sophisticated you!  In addition to the more elegant style, the Juliette Darras Insulated Lunch Bag is versatile with multiple pockets enabling you several different ways to organize your lunch and other personal belongings.

A Stylish, More Functional Lunch Bag

Juliette Darras Lunch Bag benefits include

Fashionable Design

The Juliette Darras lunch bag has been designed to offer a professional, elegant look that can easily compliment office and business casual attire. This is a stark contrast from the usual cheap look you get with most insulated bags. Our lunch bag is meant to seamlessly blend in, with the appearance of an elegant handbag.

​Spaciousness For All Of Your Belongings

In addition to the main compartment, each Juliette Darras Lunch Bag comes with three different pockets. This gives you a way to keep items separated, eliminating the need to carry a handbag and a lunch bag.  Because this purse is leak proof and waterproof, you won’t need to worry about your medicine or perishables contaminating your other important belongings.

Premium Insulation Material

In order to provide maximum storage throughout the day, each bag is made with 6mm EPE, coupled with a food grade aluminium foil lining inside, enabling you to keep your food cool for up to 6 hours.


The Juliette Darras insulated bag is designed to offer multiple uses.  Apart from carrying your lunch, it also has room for your daily necessities such as mobile phone, keys, wallet, cosmetics, medicine and other personal belongings, eliminating the need to carry more than one bag with you. While the bag is mainly a lunch bag, it easily functions as a day bag even when you aren’t carrying food.

Superior Craftsmanship

Every lunch bag has been made using quality materials and craftsmanship. Extra attention has been given to each bag as it’s made, ensuring outstanding durability for years to come.

A Better Lunch Bag at A Competitive Price

Juliette Darras has designed our lunch bags to offer numerous advantages over the average bag at a competitive price. Our bags make a great gift for family, co-workers and friends who need a fashionable and effective way to store their food, cosmetics and medicine whilst on the go.

Ordering your Juliette Darras Insulated Lunch Bag is as easy as clicking the order button below. You’ll have your lunch bag sent right to your doorstep in just a few days, ready to be used.

Don’t waste your time and money on inferior lunch bags any longer -- see the difference that a Juliette Darras Insulated Lunch Bag can make for you!


“Amazing bag. I bought it for my wife. She liked it very much. The bag is very very strong. It can also be used as a normal handbag. Color is too good. I would highly recommend this product.”

Bala S, NJ US

“Love my lunch bag. You can use to carry your makeup but i prefer my lunch. Workmanship is topnotch, I love the look of it and you can carry by the handle or the strap that comes with – I use both ways. The color is what is shown in the picture. Glad i purchased and would do so again.”

Lisa B, CA US

“I have purses that are less stylish then this “lunch” handbag. The quality is exceptional and the surface material and colors are not only in season but very designer looking (Kate spade like). It works perfect and looks amazing. Would make a great gift to anyone who packs a lunch to work or school!”

Amalia Q, CA US

“I love love love love this bag! I get so many compliments on it. I wish it was available in black and other colors too. I also use it as a purse. It looks expensive. I will buy again.”

Marissa P, FL US

“This bag is as well made as my favorite Kate Spade Maise Cross Body Bag, and it’s a lunch tote! I’m so amazed and cannot wait to use it.”

Kristina, CA US

“I am in love with this bag! I was nervous that my wallet/wristlet wasn’t going to fit but my coach which is quite large slides into the pockets perfectly. “

Linda, NY US

“Such a gorgeous bag! I’ve had tons of compliments, and only one week in. In addition to looks, it has tons of space, due to the pockets; as well as the side zipper, there are inserts on the sides – completely unobtrusive for phone, keys, silverware, etc. Overall, highly recommended!”

Tori, CA US

“I loved the style. All my girlfriends loved the colour and we’re amazed it was a lunch bag/cooler. It’s not really heavy. Able to put yogurt, orange, grapes, sandwich and a sofa in cooler without it all being squished.”

Gwen W, UT USA

“I used to bring around a lunch box AND my purse/pocketbook when I run errands/or go to events while with the children. It gets a little cumbersome after a while so instead I would stash their snacks, water and drinks into my purse and at the end of the day have to deal with the crumbs and spills!

I went online looking for a nice looking lunch box/bag that I could bring around with me and Tada!.. I found this pretty piece on Amazon.

Right now there is a limit to only one color which is shade of plum. It is striking and noticeable. The middle portion is white so it makes a nice contrast. The bag is well made and durable/strong and holds its shape well. Some may say that it is quite stiff. I’ve placed 8 fluid oz bottles/baby bottles inside in the standing position however anything larger would probably have to lie down. I’ve had fruit, crackers, cookies, a small Tupperware, two bottles of milk, and a little room to spare. I’ve noticed it goes farther if I have items in ziplock rather than containers. Of course this doesn’t take the place of a regular diaper bag but for a mom on errands it is nice to look a little put together and still have items the kids need. So far this keeps the food cold as long as the zipper is closed. I have not tried to bring hot food inside yet.”

Blinda, OR USA

“LOVE! This bag is going to be my go-to bag for lunch every day at work! I am sure I’m going to get all compliments, as it is truly beautiful! The color is gorgeous, the stitching, the craftsmanship and just the all around beauty of this bag has blown me away! I may just use it for an everyday bag at times because it’s so pretty! This beautiful deep plum color is everything, the texture on the bag is everything! I don’t think anyone out there will regret ordering this bag! I can’t speak to how well it’s going to hold up, but from the way it’s stitched and the way it’s made and crafted together, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem! Watch my video and you’ll see what I mean!”

Crissi H, CA USA

“This size is perfect. My divided glass container fits perfectly with extra room for additional snacks. I love that it is insulated so if the work frig is full. I am able to leave it in my desk drawer and the food remains cold. The quality of the bag is superb. It looks like a purse/fashion tote not a lunch box. I personally would prefer to have more color options. The purple/plum doesn’t go with my laptop bag or match most of my accessories so when I carry it, I feel it does bring attention to itself. This will not prevent me from using almost every single day!

The extra pockets on both sides are nice to slide my phone in or last minute items on my way out the door.”

Momin, MS US

“Beautiful & stunning! LOVED the packaging. I screamed with joy while opening it as my teenage daughter rolled her eyes. Haha!! Best “lunch box” ever!! Thank you!!”

Jessica P, OH US

“Very pretty. Have received many compliments on the cute bag then they find out it’s a lunch bag.”

Edith M, NY US

“My purse “lunch bag” was on time, beautiful and I can use for multiple occasions. Not to mention my bag has a zip pocket on the outside and a button pocket on both sides on the inside of it. Fabulous!!!”

Cathy B, CA US

“Love the style and the fact that it matches my personality! I also love the fact that it is very spacious and fits my thermos, all my snacks and my 28 oz. water bottle. It comes insulated and my food stays warm (or cold) through long periods of time!”

Sabrina O, WA US

“Beautiful! Arrived well-packaged. The color is pretty and the quality of the bag is excellent. I use it as a purse!”

Scout F, IA US

“This lunch purse looks very sleek and professional. There’s plenty of room for lunch items in the insulated center part of the bag. You can slip a few purse essentials into the side and front zipper pockets. Wallet needs to be placed in with the lunch items if it has any bulk to it.”

Melody, CA US

“Absolutely love it it’s more spacious than other stylish lunch bags, however I can always go bigger. So I’m looking forward to new designs with 0061 larger capacity to fit drinks. I have gotten so many compliments on the “purse” on the 1 day I took it out for a spin at work and in public. To find out it was a lunch bag was the shock and ahh of everyone. I’ve been looking and searching for this type of lunch purse and I’m so glad I found it.”

Jasmine, MS US

“I have been looking for a professional lunch bag for a while and finally found this Juliette Darras lunch bag. I received the shipment last night and even the packaging was beautiful. The purse itself was in a pretty tote bag, and all segments of the purse were well-wrapped and protected to accommodate the shipping process. The lunch bag is very pretty and looks just like an elegant, professional hand bag. I love it and can’t wait to start using it. Now I actually want to bring my lunch to work!’’

Miah Friedman, CA US

“This is bigger than I thought it would be, which is great since my one concern was that it would be too small. There only thing I wish is that they had an option that had more room for different items from my purse, such as my ipad and big wallet. But in the few days I have used it, it is a perfect size for my lunch, phone, keys, and a small wallet, so it does serve its purpose of only having to take one bag in to work most days. Absolutely Georgios color and design, it is just as awesome in person as it is shown in the pictures!”

Amber J, NY US

“Cannot vouch for the durability being I just received it , however, this item is stunning and stops women in their tracks. So beautiful I feel guilty using it for a lunch tote but that’s what I got it for and I’m sticking to my plan. Insulates we’ll also. Love it!!!”

Pointwoman, LA US

“This bag is beautiful! It is very sturdy looking and feeling. Lots of room inside (a little bigger than my previous Sachi), and the insulation appears about the same thickness. I hope she comes out with more styles in the future!”

Michelle d. WA USA

“I love my lunch and so does everyone who sees it! Everyone who sees adores my purse. Once they find out it is a purse, they fall in love with it too!”

LeTonya M. NY US

“Love love love this bag. It truly looks like a purse but is perfect for it’s purpose. I have a lot of food restrictions due to an illness, which requires me to bring my own food wherever I go. People always would see my lunchbox and ask questions. I was annoyed with always having to give an explanation, so this lunch purse works perfectly. Looks like I’m just carrying around a purse! Very pretty color, just enough room for everything I need, decent durability.”

Makaily K, TX US

“I am a school nurse and was looking for a new lunch bag for the new school year. While browsing through the selection, this bag simply caught my eye, IT IS STUNNING!! It arrived in 2 days, and was packaged very well. The quality of the bag is very well made and the details are amazing. I was so surprised to see it was actually bigger than I thought it to be. My 32 oz water bottle is able to fit inside (lying down) with lots of room to spare! I cannot wait for the first day of the school year so I can show off my new lunch bag. I know I will get lots of compliments.”

Patrick P. London UK

“OMG! THIS IS THE MOST GORGEOUS HANDBAG EVER! AND IT’S A LUNCH TOTE!!! Yes, all caps, I’m shouting! This bag is incredible!

I bought this because I like to keep my things (medications, make up, perfume, etc.) cool in my purse in the summertime. I have a couple of other lunch totes I use as purses in the summer, but this one is so beautiful and well constructed and I’m in love with this bag! Get one before they sell out!”

Laura L. , FL USA

“Honestly, got so many compliments at work and everyone asked where to get it. I cannot complain because there is nothing to complaint about. This purse will not sag like others it holds its form no matter what and it’s easy to clean too! It’s a good sized lunch purse and it’s so cute ! Will definitely buy more products in the near future from this company.”

Tina W, New York USA

“Quality Construction. The color is gorgeous!! They took great and wonderful care wrapping and packing product to protect it from damage. Presentation is everything!! I even received a thank you note and a dust cover. This may be the nicest product I have ever purchased on Amazon. I’m completely satisfied and I would totally recommend!!”

Mochachica, LA USA

“What an amazing bag! I bought this bag because I had weight-loss surgery two years ago. Every day I need to take food and snacks with me almost everywhere I go. Instead of constantly carrying a purse and a lunch bag, I finally found one that combines both. This bag was beautifully packaged. It looks like it was handled with care. I would honestly recommend it to anyone who was in my position. Not a lot of companies are bariatric friendly such as this one.”

Erika Redfield, CA USA