Insulated Handbag- A great Companion for Professionals

Lots of female professionals such as saleswomen, business consultants, and marketing personnel work outside longer than in office. Their job nature requires them to carry a handbag for daily necessities and a lunch bag to keep their preferred healthy food. Carrying two bags around each day is not easy. This is the reason female professionals kept looking for a bag that combines both handbag and lunch bag functions without sacrificing fashion. This is why the idea of a Stylish Lunch Bags for Work never gets old. The Juliette Darras Insulated Lunch Bag is one of the choices available for many female professionals who tend to maintain their decency and style. Juliette Darras insulated hand bag is designed to keep your daily necessities in one place while still looking professional, you don’t need to worry about lugging around different bags for your mobile phone, keys, wallet, cosmetics and lunch. With this insulated travel bag, you can fit all your items in one sleek purse.

There are five key criteria of selecting a premium multifunctional hand bag to satisfy female professionals needs and reflect their professional image.


Young professionals, who tend to do more work outside the office do require a large bag for their ease. The bag must be spacious to get all your stuff from home to your workplace. A multifunctional tote bag for women is the best thing to opt for. Most of the handbags are bulky and look ugly. Elegant Handbag for women that can hold wallet, food, drink, cosmetics , medicine, phone, and other personal essentials turn out to be the most desired one nowadays. Selection of the right Handbag for Women and men are equally important to focus on in terms of spaciousness. The Juliette Darras insulated lunch tote purse comes with 4 pockets so you can easily store your wallet, phone, keys, and other important items, keeping them separate from food and other perishables. Leak and waterproof also!

Insulated Lunch Purse


Young Professionals have higher expectation on product quality, and they require premium quality handbags that can remain in decent working condition for a longer time.  Having an Elegant Handbag For Business Meetings makes you have great confidence as you put that bag in front of the clients. The clients will also be impressed by the elegance of the bag.

Great for work

Investing in a large bag is good for professionals! Professionals are having tough jobs. The carry around their food for hours before they even get a chance to eat it. This is why the Insulated Lunch Purse and Insulated Lunch Bags are introduced by brands like Juliette Darras.  Juliette Darras insulated interior lining, made with food-grade aluminum, can keep food, drinks, and even medicine, fresh for an incredible 6 hours. It’s also incredibly easy to clean. Perfect ladies’ handbag for the woman on the go. Young professionals need insulated lunch bags where they can keep their food fresh for a longer time.


Handbags- giving professionals Elegance

The beautiful designer lunch bag from Juliette Darras turns heads. Elegant handbags for women not only gives you beauty but also ease. It is also perfect for brunch with girls, lunch dates and business meetings.

Fashion matters a lot. Faster than anything else, what we wear and what we carry tells the story of who we are or who we want to be. However, today fashion has become a need!

You must take care of what you select before heading to work. Your very minor look represents your way of style and your personality. In this way, you can maintain a good and honorable image in front of your clients. Juliette Darras is made of premium insulated material which can remain stuff inside of the bag cool up to 6 hours. Juliette Darras is spacious enough to carry lunch and daily items such as phone, key, and wallet. Also, it looks like a designer purse.

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