The Ultimate Style Guide for Working Women

Insulated Lunch Bag

Since ever, women and fashion go hand in hand. Women ensure being on point when it is about styling up to bring our best version in front. Some women dare enough to take a bold and experimental step for fashion ahead but some just work on finding elegance with simplicity. Though it is important for women to carry themselves in a good way, before that, it is also important to maintain a certain look.

Well, let’s go a little further in style, creating a look that is bold yet simple. Though it might sound crazy, this is something every working woman focuses on. While stepping into a working atmosphere, a woman has to look professional with bold confidence. And when it is about style, she has to work on a look that is decent, but still looks bold, but without getting too much out of the box. Whether it is about the outfit for the handbag for women, all should collectively create a perfect balance of style.

So, to support the working women which some advice, we bring to you our ultimate style guide that will keep the working women updated with the fashion trends, without even looking over the top.

Step out a little from the Comfort Zone

When it comes to styling, it is always said to choose what’s comfortable but something you should explore the other options too. If you are just into wearing trousers, you can try out some dark colored shift dresses too that will make you look quite elegant too. What’s necessary that you should be able to carry yourself properly! The best option that you can look for is the knee-length skirt, that pairs well with a suit or a formal shirt. Considering the color, make sure you keep your palette a little solid. It is ideally recommended to stick on the neutral hues like maroon, brown, white and blue. If you want to have a more diverse collection, you can go for the pastel colors. Don’t even think of entering your office with the hot pink dress on.

Carry a Handbag

Elegance is what each woman seeks to add on to her look. And to help you with that, we recommend you carrying along with a nice handbag. But what if we can go a little multi-tasking with the bag! Imagine a bag that will add on to your style statement and also prove to be an amazing insulated lunch bag for you! An exciting option isn’t it! This is why we recommend you to get hold of the stylish lunch bags for work, exclusively brought to you by Juliette Darras. The multi-functionality of the bag isn’t all. The best part is the most elegant color that each woman loves- Fuchsia!

Handbag for Women

Shoes with Comfort

Unless you are someone who has to run here and there and do a lot of fieldwork, you don’t have to put on your sneakers and should leave those for your gym sessions. Wearing comfortable shoes does not mean that you have to go to your work in the flip flops or Hawaiians. We’ve got better options for you. You can style yourself up with a nice pair of leather, or faux leather closed toes shoes, ideally considering it with heels. But here, you need to be wise while making a decision. Choose heels which are only high enough to comfortably let you walk around the office with complete ease and comfort.

But if you are not comfortable about wearing higher heels throughout the day, then don’t worry, you don’t have too. You can go for other alternatives like the wedges, platforms or kitten heels of moderate height. Also, you need to make sure that your shoes are not too blingy and have a hue that matches well with your dress. If you are choosing for the everyday office needs, consider going for the colors back, white or nude toned pair of shoes.

Jewelry for a Completion

Make sure you don’t misunderstand the concept of wearing jewelry at the workplace. It doesn’t mean that you have to go with a lot of bling and sparkles, but just a little touch of elegance that can complete your look. Considerably, you can stick to the pearl or small-sized diamond studs, or you can even choose a pendant with a locket with a thin chain for your neck. If you want to wear rings, one or two will be enough. Don’t overload your fingers too much with the rings. Also, rather than wearing heavy bracelets, consider wearing a nice ladies watch.

Insulated Lunch Bag

Styling goes a long way in the case of women. And there are always plenty of options to experiment. Just when it is about styling and getting ready for work, we have to take some decisions wisely. This guide will surely help you to look elegant at your workplace, without doing anything over.


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